Thursday, 27 July 2017

Know About- The Importance of Wearing Correct Gemstone

For centuries man has been fascinated by the brilliant, shiny and colorful shades of gemstones. We've all heard about  Gemstone and people wear it too. People wear it for their own benefits. Gemstones have always been regarded as bringing peace, prosperity, name & fame, Power, Happiness and so on. The Stone which suits you gives you all the benefits. 

Gemstones are also believed to induce good energy and expel the negative energy from the wearer's body. In Vedic Astrology, These Navratna (Nine Germs) are correspond with the nine ingredients of which the human body is composed. These nine gems also correspond to the nine planets. Each gemstone has its own ruling planet. 

It gives a reasonable explanation of their correspondence to the nav-ratnas, which is exceptionally useful in understanding the relationship of gems with the human life. Wearing these gems impacts the dhatus and the psychophysical prosperity.

There is also a beautiful story about gems and their relationship with the nine planets. The gemstones are divided into two categories:- Precious Gemstone and Semi Precious Gemstone. Precious Gemstone contains with Ruby, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Hessonite, Cat's Eye, Pearl,  Diamond and Coral. These gems are also known as Navratnas. And other gemstones are falling in the category of Smi precious gemstone.

Most of the Indian astrologers used gemstone related to the moon sign. (The moon sign means the placement of the Moon in a particular sign of the Zodiac at the time of birth). To wear a gem, is to include the energy of the planet identified with the gem and if the planet is gravely aspected it will just add to one's issues. So always consult your expert astrologer before Choosing a gem. Each finger is connected to the Particular planet and it is advisable that the ring should be worn on the finger connected with the planet.

There is also difference between left hand and right hand: the right hand is Solar (sunlight based) and the left hand is lunar. On the other hand, that a man looks for adjusting in life, then he needs to wear a ring with the gem, related to the planets, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu on the left hand (i.e solar based gems on the lunar hand). The pearls related with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter ought to be worn on the right hand. Hence wearing gems on the suitable fingers, would bring greater well-being, flourishing, name and fame, saves one wild animal, accidents, evil effects of poison and negative effects of ill-aspected planets. The significance of Gems and their color energy affecting the human system is

BlueSapphire Or Neelam:
It shows benefits within 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. If proven beneficial, it will resolve major problems, bestow mental peace, clarity of thought, freedom from depression and anxiety. It will cure depressive psychosis, physical ailments and even alcoholism.

Emerald Gemstone Or Panna:
Green shading energy is alluded to empower quickness and freshness, as it is a nature shading that gives bliss, peace and decreases fretfulness. It is said that this shading is useful to researchers, legal advisors, agent and sales representative. It controls pituitary organs.

Ruby Gemstone Or Manik:
Ruby found in red color and the energy of red color improves self, confidence, Blood circulation, Diabetes, Cholera, issues of heart and so on.

Coral GemstoneOr Moonga:
Coral gemstones are very helping and effective gemstone to its wearer to overcome inaction, laziness, lack of confidence, loss of assets. It stimulates the brain, liver and kidney and it is also giving vitamin A to the its wearer.

Pearl Stone Or Moti:
Basically everyone knows that pearl stone is very popular for anger control and make the wearer calm as well as it also aids in memory enhancement, uterine disorders, heart trouble and eye diseases. It helps to increase strength, removes melancholy and increase fortune.

White shading energy is a blend of all hues. It indicates peace, straightforwardness, delicate nature and friendship. A man experiencing mental disturbances, torture, high blood pressure, lose temper needs the atom of white color. This shading ensures against widowhood and mishaps.  It also helps for wealth.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

5 Endearing Styles To Wearing Pearl Stone

No adornments accumulation is finished without pearls. Pearls are today's most current precious stones and a young lady's closest companion regardless of the event. So how about we see today 5 charming styles to wear pearl stone jewelry in present day stylish ensembles to coordinate your tastes and individual design style.

Pearl Ring:

Go bold with your decision of pearl rings. Pick a spectacular, larger than usual plan and wear it night and day. You can pick dark and white South Sea pearls rings to run with a cocktail dress or you can settle on a large flashy costume pearl ring as the main articulation piece to a favor furnish. The dissent and tasteful pearl rings are still in form, however when you take out your outfit pearl ring out around the local area you can make certain you will stop people in their tracks.

Pearl Necklace:

Pearl is the gemstone of the moon has fascinated many pearl lovers around the globe. Fresh water Pearls necklace is very classic in its form. The states of mind of dainty pearls give additional life length to the style, which is a young contrasting option to a standard strand of pearls.

Beautiful Mermaid Crown:

Wearing pearls in your hair make you resemble a mermaid princess. It would look lovely worn to a mermaid style photograph shoot or maybe to supplement a lady of the hour's dress at a maritime-themed wedding.

Shoulder Ornament:

Pearl jewelry adds easy style to any outfit. So whether you run full scale with embellishment or pick and subtle pearl detail, show the world you're a pearl young lady. The blaze of shoulder has attracted yet the enlivening pearls decorating the cut-out keep it tasteful.

Pearl Spatter Sweater:

Include a touch of laid back extravagance to your closet with this beaded sweatshirt. An incredible trans-occasional piece which can be layered on top of gathering outfits to keep an exquisite vibe.

Pearls are back in form, which implies pearl lovers are finding new and interesting ways to wear pearls of the sea. Obviously, many individuals would most likely contend that pearls have dependably been stylishly on the grounds that when one adds a pearl necklace to an outfit, it in a flash overflows class.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Dream of Gemstone and What Does That Mean?

Dreams are stories and pictures that our brains make while we rest. They can engage, fun, sentimental, irritating, terrifying and once in a while odd.

Now here, we are talking about dreams of Gemstone. Many People have admitted to having seen gemstones in dreams but not able to understand the meaning of that dream. In this post, we are sharing some of the important information about dreaming gemstone and its meaning in the real life.

Dream of Wearing Gemstones:

Imagine yourself wearing gemstone in the form of rings, pendants, necklace, etc. These dreams signify get a promotion or earning in a company; on the other hand it could be identified with something in your group, for example, a rise in social standing or picking up the affection of everyone around you. Wearing gemstones in a fantasy may likewise speak to the achievement of your goals and satisfaction of your dreams.

Dream about Someone Wearing Gemstones:

Dreams about watching or seeing somebody wearing gemstones, either as adornment, anticipate that you or somebody near you will get to be distinctly celebrated soon. This type of dream may indicate local or international fame. Seeing somebody wearing gems may likewise speak to all of a sudden obtaining a sizable sum of wealth either by winning a lottery or betting.

Dream About Receiving Gemstones As A Gift:

Dreams about accepting gemstones as a blessing or token of deference are negative in nature, indicating sudden disturbances to your timetable or arrangements. These sudden deviations are likely going to be unavoidable or difficult to anticipate, for example, a mischance or somebody venturing into keeping you from accomplishing your objective. While the mishaps may not be lasting, you are probably going to feel debilitated by your absence of advance and annoyed with the circumstance you are in.

Dream about losing jewelry with gemstones:

Imagining about losing gems with gemstones, for example, ruby  gemstone, turquoise or amethyst, is an adverse sign foreseeing being the objective of selfish individuals. These people are out to make them focus on, your objectives and dreams in the quest for their own needs. Losing gem studded adornments in a fantasy may likewise speak to parts of your identity identified by rude behavior.

Dream about giving gemstones to someone:

Imagining yourself giving gemstones is a negative sign foreseeing a period in your aware existence loaded with dissatisfaction. Gifting pearls, for example, rubies, quartz, or jasper, to somebody inside a dream symbolizes being profoundly harmed or humiliated by somebody, conceivably a relative or dear companion, whom you trusted. This is probably going to baffle you and abandon you feeling insufficient for quite a while after the underlying episode. 

Dream about finding gemstones:

Dream about finding gemstones unexpectedly are a positive sign to see in a dream and indicates being successful. These types of dreams also indicate the achievement of victory in your effort will lead to a quick rise to fame and praise of those around you.

Dream about buying gemstones:

Dream about buying gemstones is one of the best signs of great success. This success is most often perceived by your current plans, future goals. Possibly, dreams about buying gemstones can likewise show great results in more personal matters.

Gemstones in dream & Its meaning

Great Opportunities will come to life
Gain of faithful friends
Solution to a mystery
Sudden arrival of Guest
Cat’s Eye
Great wealth with possessions
Divine Protection
Prosperity & Riches
Victory over enemies
Blue Sapphire
Clarity & freedom of confusion
Yellow Sapphire
Gain of divine Blessings and abundance
Red Coral
Recovery from illness

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Diamond for Stronger Relationships

Diamond is used to get the auspicious results of Venus. A marvelous diamond is considered an ideal gemstone to be studded in the engagement ring as it symbolizes commitment and fidelity, both the basic pre requisites of a lasting relationship.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Miraculous Healing Benefits of Diamond

Influence of Planet Venus on Health

Venus or Shukra is a powerful astrological planet, which signifies beauty, good health, happy marital relations, love, attraction towards opposite sex, luxuries, artistic flair and pleasurable pursuits. However, in case this planet becomes malefic for the native, it can result in problems like immoral life, disturbed marriage, illicit relations and sex related diseases.