Wednesday, 18 April 2018

What Jewelry You Should Wear For Specific Occasions

“Am I wearing too much of jewelry for this occasion?” Women often find themselves surrounded by questions like these. Arriving at the right type of jewelry is a point of deliberation for many. However, it isn’t difficult to rock a particular piece of jewelry for a particular occasion and look no less than a diva. All that’s needed is a bit of understanding of what goes well with what occasion. 

Different types of jewelry pieces can glam up your different looks in an instant. When you accessorize right, you are sure to catch the attention as well as praises of others. As a matter of fact, the right pendant, necklace, ring or earrings can make your overall persona all the more powerful than before. 

Here are a few tips that can help you figure out which type of jewelry you should wear on different occasions.

Dinner Parties/Get-Togethers

If you are going on a special, romantic date night with your beau, then wear an exquisite blue sapphire bracelet or necklace with a classy gown. For those who want to go low on the bling part, wearing a simple ruby gemstone pendant with a matching set of earrings can definitely help in creating a ravishing appearance.

But, if you are just heading towards a casual get-together with friends or families, then avoid precious gemstones and go for simple options. A white gold chain with simple silver studs can make you look chic and proper for the gathering.

Casual Work Days

Going to work every day shouldn’t be a monotonous activity. Give your regular work look a style boost with the help of simple, delicate pieces of jewelry. Remember that wearing gaudy or big pieces of jewelry to work is not only inappropriate but might also make you look flashy. Nobody wants to be the center of attraction for wrong reasons, more so because of distracting jewelry. 

Thus, to create a fashionable yet sophisticated look at your workplace, switch to power dressing. Team up your attire with lovely heels and complete your elegant look with a pair of diamond or gemstone earrings. A string of pearls can also make you look truly gorgeous without going overboard.


Who says you can’t wear jewelry on vacations? It is the time to let your hair down and have some fun. So, while you plan for the right type of dresses that suit your vacation destination, don’t forget to pick up the right type of jewelry that will go well with it. If you are going to a beach, then wearing trendy and colorful jewelry can be a great choice. 

Just make sure to choose semi-precious gemstones or cheap jewelry pieces as you wouldn’t want your favorite precious gemstone jewelry to be lost during your vacation. Also, don’t forget to pack a stunning pair of diamond earrings for that special date night at a luxury dining restaurant. 

Kids’ Functions or Events

Once you become a mother or an aunt, the chances are high that you will have to attend several kids functions or events. Wearing expensive jewelry to such events is a big no. You might end up losing that fancy earring or bracelet. Therefore, it is better to stick to minimalistic jewel pieces. Sterling silver jewelry can be your best bet to dress up fantastically during these events.

Job Interview

One of the most difficult occasions to pick the right type of jewelry is during a job interview. In fact, many women just skip wearing jewelry to a job interview for they don’t want to come across as overly-dressed. However, that shouldn’t be the case. 
Wearing a piece of delicate and beautiful chain and gemstone pendant can portray your fashion and jewelry sense well. Avoid wearing huge hoop earrings or several pieces of jewelry together. Layering might be in vogue, but don’t try it when you are going to give a job interview. Wear simple jewelry and don’t fidget with it if you get nervous.

Anniversary/Birthday Celebrations

Dining out on a special day could give you some time to unwind and enjoy special moments with your loved ones. The key to adorning the right type of jewelry here is not to overdo it. Your focus should be to celebrate the special day. Stick to a minimalistic style and go for a sleek diamond bracelet and a pair of emerald gemstone earrings to look graceful yet modish. 

Wedding Functions

Wedding functions provide the perfect opportunity to flaunt that newly purchased necklace or bangles. These are the events where you can layer different pieces of jewelry and let the world see your sparkle. But again, don’t go overboard and opt for jewelry that complements your attire. If you are wearing a dress, then you can pair it with a sapphire ring and matching set of earrings. Likewise, a lehenga or saree can go well with ruby, emerald or diamond jewelry.

Monday, 29 January 2018

How To Wear Topaz Gemstone?

The Topaz Gemstone is known for its attractiveness and amazing cuts that make it look truly beautiful. This is the reason why it is highly being opted by women to be embedded in their jewelry items like wedding and engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

Another important reason why this gemstone is preferred amongst many other gemstones is the auspiciousness that it brings along. If you wish to know how to wear the beautiful yellow topaz gemstone, then keep reading.

Topaz is semi precious gemstone, and it is very beneficial for the ailments of liver, appetite, cold & cough and indigestion. There are also lots of benefits of wearing topaz gemstone. It is also known as the effective healing stone. Topaz is a alternative of yellow sapphire gemstone


How to Wear a Topaz Gemstone

Step 1: Consult a reliable astrologer to know if you should wear a Topaz or not.

Step 2: If the Topaz suits you, then buy a natural, certified Topaz stone from a dependable and renowned seller.

Step 3: Embed the stone in gold or silver metal and in such a manner that it touches the skin so that the wearer can get the positive energies of the stone.

Step 4: Remember that the minimum weight of the Topaz stone should be 3.25 carats. The more the weight of the gem, the greater will be its power.

Step 5: Topaz should be worn on a Thursday morning, during the Shukla Paksha.

Step 6: Before the ring is worn, make sure to put it in turmeric water for at least 24 hours.

Step 7: On the day of wearing the Topaz, sit on a yellow color asana, facing the north or the northeast direction.

Step 8: Take out the ring from the turmeric water, put it over a yellow color cloth.

Step 9: Before wearing the Topaz stone, make sure to dip it in cow milk or Ganga Jal for at least ten minutes.

Step 10: Then take out the ring, burn five incense sticks and offer flowers to the Topaz ring. Chant the following mantra for 324 times.

                                               “Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah Aum”

Step 11: Wear the ring on the index finger of the right hand. Remember that the benefits of wearing a topaz gemstone are available only for a limited period of time. Usually, a Topaz ring influences the wearer for around three years, and then it starts to lose its influence. Thus, after three to four years of time, make sure to change the ring.

Step 12: Clean the Topaz ring regularly with a soft brush or with water and some gentle cleansers to remove the toxic materials assimilated into the ring and to keep it beneficial for the wearer.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Top 10 Benefits of Wearing White Sapphire

What do you think of when you hear the word Sapphire? Is it the royal Blue Sapphire that strikes your mind or the auspicious Yellow Sapphire? Well, the sparkling sapphires have many stunning varieties that go beyond the much talked about blue and yellow sapphires.

A truly gorgeous variety of sapphires is the White Sapphire which is also known as the Safed Pukhraj stone. An amazing, as well as an inexpensive substitute to the beautiful and high prized diamond, a white sapphire stone is durable, long-lasting and truly appealing in its transparent structure.

Apart from the looks that white sapphire carries, the benefits that it offers make it a must-have gem for the gem lovers.
Let’s take a look at top 10 benefits of wearing the white sapphire gemstone:


White Sapphire strengthens the powers of the planet Venus

By strengthening the Venus in the horoscope of the wearer, the White Sapphire gem boosts beauty, improves creativity and brings immense love and wealth to the life of the wearer.


It improves the love life of the wearer

One of the most amazing benefits that the White Sapphire stone offers is that it improves the love life and relationships of the wearer by bringing in more passion, loyalty, and empathy in relations.


It keeps the wearer healthy

Wearing a white sapphire can help in keeping diseases and infections away from the wearer. For those who want to get rid of their health ailments, this stone is a blessing.


White Sapphire in pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, wearing a white sapphire by a pregnant woman is believed to be a good act as it can help in ensuring that the expecting mother delivers a good and healthy baby without any difficulty.


Wards off negativity

Another excellent benefit of a white sapphire is that it removes all negative feelings and vibrations and brings positivity and good luck.


Good for fame and prosperity

White sapphire is also said to bring prosperity, fame and good social standing in the life of the wearer.


The white sapphire stone helps in healing

A white sapphire is believed to strengthen blood vessels, improve the functioning of nervous system and in regulating thyroid as well.


Astrological benefits

As per astrology, this gem is highly recommended for those who are born in April or September and those who have Taurus, Aries, Cancer or Libra as their Zodiac Sign.


It is great for the mind too

One major benefit of wearing a white sapphire is that it brings wisdom and strength and is also believed to provide clarity of thoughts and objectivity.


Career-related benefits

White Sapphire is beneficial for those who wish to improve their artistic abilities like people engaged in professions like art, acting, etc. It is also good for those who trade white and/or silver products.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Top 5 Gemstones for Scorpio Zodiac Sign People

Scorpio is believed to be a truly emotional yet equally mysterious zodiac sign. Those who are born between October 24 to November 21 belong to this zodiac. These people have a magnetism and uniqueness that is hard to find amongst others. Pluto rules this zodiac and influences the personality of a Scorpio. There are different natural gemstones that are said to benefit Scorpions.
Keep reading to know about five such amazing gemstones for Scorpio zodiac sign people!


1. Topaz

Topaz stone is a powerful gem for Scorpio zodiac sign people. It inspires them and influences their mind and soul. It strengthens them to meet their goals positively and efficaciously. When it comes to improving relationships, then also this stone plays a wonderful role in the lives of scorpions. And it also treats their physical and mental health.


2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine helps in relieving depression, stress, and anxiety amongst the scorpions. It helps them develop a stronger sense of foresight and makes them cheerful and confident. For those scorpions who are looking for peace, this can be the right stone to bring it.


3. Ruby

There are fewer stones that infuse positive energy and empower the love life of scorpions and Ruby gemstone is one of them. This precious gem helps in boosting the positive charms of the Scorpio ascendants and mitigate the negative characteristics of their personality. It heals them holistically by protecting them from negativity and brings a sense of royalty too.


4. Opal

Opal stone is believed to be a healer, a mystic, and an artist. It assists in transition or change and helps scorpions to go through such a phase with ease. It also provides the wearer a fulfilling life rich in attraction, elegance, and prosperity. This stone is also said to regulate hormones in the wearer’s body.


5. Beryl

The beryl stone is believed to bring immense joy and happiness in a somewhat pensive Scorpion. It also helps in strengthening the love life and marriages of the scorpions. A yellow colored beryl is extremely auspicious for Scorpio ascendants and can help them lead a happy life.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Things To Consider Before Wearing A Gemstone

The World Wide Web is a powerhouse of information. You can easily get information about gemstones online and know about your birthstone and the benefits that it offers. However, it is important to understand that natural gemstones will only be favorable if certain things are taken well care of.

Here, let’s take a look at some of these things that you must consider before wearing a gemstone.


Consult with an astrologer

To begin with, you must consult with an experienced astrologer before buying or wearing gemstones. It is essential to realize the importance of your chosen gem and the impact that it could have on your life.


Calculate the weight wisely

When it comes to calculating the weight of the gemstones, you can divide your body weight by 12, and the number that arrives should be the minimum weight in ‘ratti’ of the gemstones.


Phase of wearing a gemstone

A gemstone should be worn only in ‘Shukla Paksha’ which means during the bright half of the moon. No matter which gemstone are you wearing, it must be worn during this phase only.


Time of wearing a gemstone

After consultation with your astrologer, your chosen gem should be worn at the most two hours after the sunrise. It is advisable to wear the gem in the morning from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.


Problem you want to overcome

While the astrological benefits of gemstones are many, it is recommended to wear a gemstone or a birthstone only if you are experiencing a chronic trouble in your life, which is not parting ways with you. If a problem persists only because of lack of hard work or efforts from your side, then try to do your best to overcome it on your own.


Contact with the skin

Your chosen gemstone should be embedded in the ring in such a way that the gem comes in contact with the skin. Also, ensure that the ring is not too tight or too loose after wearing.


Checking the gem’s suitability

To understand if a gem is suitable for you or not, you can keep it under your pillow for at least three days. If you experience nightmares, then the gemstone could have a detrimental effect on your life, and in such a case you must consult your astrologer to find a solution.