Thursday, 5 November 2015

5 Steps To Check Ruby Gemstone

Have you recently purchased a ruby stone or manik stone and worried about that whether it is real ruby gemstone or synthetic ruby gemstone? It is common to get tense since, we know that ruby is an extremely

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring The Best Companion Of Girls

Wedding rings or engagement rings means a lot in a couple lives. Specially, if you are a girl then it means a lot for you since the occasion of wedding is acknowledged being one of the best moments in the life of a girl.  And, girls put best of their efforts to appear exceptional and magnificent on this special day. From their wedding dress to

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Health Benefits of all Nine Gemstones or Navratans

Gemstones appear acute appealing due to their ravishing glitter and luster. Gemstones can be embedded in different types of jewelries items to enhance the overall appearance of an individual. However, except being known for their stunning looks these gemstones embody enrich healing properties that aid in reconciling severe health issues. These effective gemstones are capable of curing serious health issues with the assistance of their magical healing properties. However, these gemstone can't replace the medical treatments, nonetheless, they will be worn or used to support the medical treatments. Different gemstones are used in remedy of various diseases. Thus, let's see which gemstone will enact efficiently for which specific disease?

Ruby Gemstone: This red color effective gemstone is allied with persuasive planet Sun that signifies health, wealth, prosperity. However, the red color gemstone is being regarded extremely auspicious for human health. This stone is being worn to eliminate severe health issues. Below is the list of diseases that are being cured by influential ruby stone.

Heart Disease: Ruby stone enacts highly benevolent for the heart diseases. Therefore, an individual who is suffering from heart disease should wear this gemstone.

Blood related Diseases: The red color ruby stone combat or ward-off against blood related diseases.Except this red color ruby stone aid in resolving blindness, stomach related diseases and eye diseases.

Pearl Stone: Pearl stone accompanies with the massive planet moon that signifies coolness, peace, wisdom. And, this gemstone also enacts as great healer for human being suffering from following diseases.

Sleeplessness: A person who is suffering from lack of sleep should wear this white color moon stone pearl to get sound sleep.

Heart Problems: This stone will also aid in improving the health of human heart. Additionally, this stone also enhances the memory and resolves the speech related issues.Eye problems: An individual suffering from eye diseases should wear pearl stone to get rid-off this problem.Along with this, other diseases that can be healed with wearing pearl stone is Tuberculosis, Stomach problems and genitals problems.

Red Coral Stone: The red color stone is related with the dominant planet mars that plays significant role in improving the health of a person.This stone aid in resolving diseases like Fever, Chicken Pocks, Piles, Impotency, and Blood related Problems and pregnancy related problems.

Emerald Stone: This stone is allied with the planet Venus that is known to hold a special place in the solar panel. This gemstone is known to bring harmony and peace in marital life. Along with that, this stone can be used as weapon to fight against serious diseases related with intestines, liver, tongue, speech problems and brain problems.

Yellow Sapphire: Natural Yellow Sapphire stone is conjoined with the planet Jupiter that aids in curing diseases such as Jaundice, heart problems, impotency, chest related problems and ulcer.

Diamond: This gemstone is related with the planet Venus that will aid to ward-off against severe diseases such as sperm counts, impotency, blindness and brain related problems.

Blue Sapphire: The blue Sapphire stone is attached with the massive planet Saturn which is known to resolve various health related issues such as epilepsy, Paralysis, deafness, baldness and stomach problems.

Hessonite Stone: This stone is related with the massive planet rahu which will aid in solving the health related issues such as chicken pocks, cholera, skin diseases, urine related diseases, leprosy.

Cat Eye Gemstone: This gemstone associates with the substantial planet Ketu that is acknowledged to cure following health related issues such as Cancer, asthma, Paralysis, epilepsy, skin diseases.

Thus, these are the list of nine gemstones and their different health benefits. Visit 9Gem for more information. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Disadvantages of Wearing Old or Used Gemstone

OMG! If you are a gemstone lover or interested in buying a gemstone then the following news truly belongs to you. As, we know that gemstones are immensely powerful and they have got innumerable properties to make either positive or negative impact on the life of a living creature at largely. Due to its substantial powerful characteristics, every individual yearn to wear these gemstones sometimes in their life time to attain the excellent benefits being offered by these gemstones. However, there is a catch in the above statement, regardless of the above fact of wearing a gemstone cannot bestow you all the astonishing benefits of this gemstone. Unless, an individual wears an original or natural blue sapphire stone, he/she cannot be blessed with the astonishing features of neelam or blue sapphire stone. Unfortunately, in the market of gems there exist hinder of gemstone seller who sell fake or used gemstone to a laymen which instead of bringing any positive results, may disturb the entire life of an individual. So in today's post, we will discuss with you that what the disadvantages of wearing old or used gemstones are.

Disadvantages of wearing pre old gemstones: As earlier, it has been told that many gemstones seller try to sell a laymen already used or old gemstone which can do harm at all levels of an individual. As, it has been said about the gemstones that there magical power depletes after a certain period of time. Additionally, wearing the real gemstone after that period won’t be considered benevolent. Although, it can lead a person to experience series of dreadful events in his/her life, yet, in order to rescue yourself from being got trapped in this set up must read the following paragraph.

How to choose a Real Gemstone: While buying gemstones always consider the brand value of the gemstone seller who deals either online or offline to make a guess that how popular his/her brad is in market? Secondly, must go through the reviews of the gemstone seller company to find out what other customer has to say about the company. Moreover, each gemstone has a unique GIN (Gemstone Identification Number) do check that no. while making a purchase. An old gemstone will definitely lost its luster and shine; it will appear sluggish and pale which is a clear indication about something is wrong with the stone. Nonetheless, if even after donning this gemstone for some time, if it does not show either any positive or negative results then it could also be old gemstone. Nevertheless, even after trying all the above suggested measure if you are not satisfied in that case you can visit to gemstone expert who will test your gemstone and let you know about the authenticity of the gemstone

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Official Meeting about Issues and Present Challenges Of Emerald Market

Form October 13 to 15 October 2015 Colombia is coordinating with all the emerald producing countries in Bogotá to address all the issues and present challenges which emerald market is experiencing nowadays. After this meeting there is plan to visit to the famous Muzo emerald mine.

Principally, the Invitation has been sent to all the major emerald producing countries like Zambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Madagascar. The main goal of the conference is to meticulously investigating all the 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

When Could Someone Gift Gemstone As a Gift To Someone special?

Just as flowers are used to gift someone special to reflect our love, emotion, affection, friendship toward them. So do the gemstones, they have been used since ancient time by human being to gift their beloved one's in the form of rings, necklace, bracelets  to display 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

What is the Role of Mantras While Wearing Gemstone?

We know that each Gemstone possesses immense magical powers so its magical power may create an impact on the lives of its native either way. So that’s why a great care must be taken while wearing

Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to Wear Red Coral To Avoid Manglik Dosh

Red coral or Moonga gemstone is advised to be worn by those ascendant who are under Manglik Dasha. Manglik Dasha brings malicious result to ascendant such as he/she faces the problem in getting married or married couple faces problem which even some lead them to separation .It is a serious dosh which creates obstruction in the way of its native in tieing up the knots. To avoid this dosh one should wear this precious gemstone which is known to be the gemstone of planet mars. Moreover, it is being also said that wearing this gemstone pacify the Mangalik Dosh.  In order to do so one should know that how to wear the Red Coral or Moonga stone.

  Ø Red Coral or Moonga stone should be worn on Tuesday morning between 5 am to 6 am specifically during (Shukla-Paksha).

  Ø It should be worn with gold or copper ring ideally for best result. Moreover, the ring should be embedded in the stone in such a manner so that it touches the skin of its native to influence the life of its native in positive manner.

  Ø The ring should ideally be of 5 ratti or carat.

  Ø To earn the benefits of wearing mars blessed red coral stone, it is best to wear this stone in the right had index finger. Women can wear the ring in left hand index finger.

  Ø To purify the stone before adopting it, It should be dipped into the  Gangajal, honey or cow milk for 20 to 30 minutes to absorb all the negative energies from the stone.

  Ø While adopting this stone recite the following mantra.

  Ø “Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om”.

  Ø After wearing this stone the wearer should offer the Gur and clothes to a brahmin.

  Ø A Natural Red Coral Gemstone remain active till four years from the day it was worn.And it commence showing its positive impact on the life of its native most probably after one month.

  Ø If you see any bad dreams or red coral stone changes its color, then it is appropriate to avoid wearing this stone. However, to refrain from facing all such issues consult an astrologer before wearing this stone.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Building Healthy Relationships with Blue Sapphire

The primary focus of human life is to strengthen relationships and blue sapphire gemstone can help you in doing so. Healthy and positive relationships are essential for a fulfilling life, but at the same time, it requires a lot of efforts to build such bonds. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Get Astrology Consultation Report For You Best Suited Birthstone at 9Gem

9Gem is now providing astrological birthstone report at very exciting price range that prepared by the expert astrologers and masters of astrology who have several years of experience. We at 9Gem web shop help the buyers with full astrology

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Buy Real Gemstones, Certified Gemstones, Natural and Precious Gemstones

Do you want to buy real gemstones that are astrologically beneficial and can give you 100% benefits after wearing? If you are the people to whom we are talking about then, stop getting worried coz now we have come up in gemstone industry with wide range of precious

Friday, 2 January 2015

Buy Natural Certified Gemstones and Get Success in Your Career @9Gem

Wearing different types of gemstones can give you 100% career success like getting the right job fast, making more income in business, creating a strong online reputation, ultimately success from every point. You just have to buy certified gemstones from 9gem